Following a distinguished career in the travel industry, Bea Eering, Regional Director Emerging Markets,  retired during June. In this video she talks about some the highlights from her incredible career and her plans for the future:

Bea Eering
Bea’s career in the cruise industry started in 1996 as MICE & Cruises Manager for Holland International Destination Management. In 2006 Bea setup all4Ships, a cruise network of over 30 destinations, which she led until 2008, when it was integrated as part of Intercruises. Since then she has been a key figure at Intercruises, helping us grow globally over the past seven years. Based in Amsterdam, Bea Eering established a robust local Intercruises team, which now delivers ocean and river cruise services across The Netherlands and Belgium. Bea was also a driving force in the development of cruise handling in growing tourism destinations, such as India, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

Emerging Markets & Northern Europe Teams
Bea’s retirement has allowed us to review our organisational structure and we would like to share some changes with you. The Netherlands and Belgium have been integrated as part of the Northern Europe region, led by Simon O’Sullivan, Regional Director Northern Europe. Simon already has a strong working relationship with our local team, including Kim Donkers, Operations & Product Manager, who will continue to lead operations in The Netherlands & Belgium.

All other Emerging Markets countries will now be led by Olga Piqueras, SVP Worldwide Operations. Olga will work closely with Jyoti Panchmatia representing Travco, an Intercruises associate member in UAE, Jordan, Oman and Egypt. Elena Garcia, Account Executive, will continue to support Intercruises activities across the Intercruises Emerging Markets region.