Intercruises Greece will launch its brand new shorex program this year – Virtual & Augmented Reality Tours! Specialists in tour innovation (previous winners of the Seatrade Insider Award for a tour in Athens), Intercruises will begin offering guests a chance to step into the past and experience ancient Greece using the latest in digital reality technologies:

Augmented Reality Tours (AR)

Upon entering historic sites, guests are provided with iPad Mini tablets that act like windows into the past, enabling them to see how ancient buildings, such as the Temple of Zeus, looked 2,500 years ago!

Virtual Reality Tours (VR)

The ultimate immersive experience! Guests can explore ancient wonders, such as the Acropolis, that have been digitally restored to their former glory wearing these Virtual Reality Headsets.

All VR & AR reconstructions have been created in cooperation with the University of Athens to ensure historical accuracy is maintained.

Contact Dimitris Bekos, National Manager Greece for more information on our services in Greece