The Intercruises Health & Safety Department have been busy coordinating Care Team training for with some of Intercruises Global teams the past months; holding workshops in Barcelona, Genoa and most recently, Port Everglades.


Robert Doma, Health & Safety Manager, travelled to Genoa to deliver a care team training session in  tandem with the Costa Cruises team (at the Costa Cruise HQ)




The Health & Safety Department held a Health & Safety Workshop at the World Trade Centre, where Robert Doma led a Human Services Response (HSR) training.


Port Everglades

Robert Doma delivered another HSR training in Florida (created in cooperation with Aviem International), the goal of which is to help survivors complete their business with our company following a tragedy so they can move on with their lives.


Contact Rombert Doma, Health & Safety Manager, for more information on Intercruises Care Team services, or to conduct a Care Team training