Intercruises is proud to announce that for the fifth year running it will continue to support Save the Children (STC) in its vision to create a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation.

Save the Children is an international charity that has led global action on children’s rights for more than 90 years and is often one of the first aid groups on the ground in disaster situations, operating in 180 countries worldwide, including locations in which Intercruises local teams are based and carry out operations.

Save the Children in 2016

Child Refugee Crisis – Mediterranean Sea: Launches Search & Rescue Ship operations

Hurricane Matthew Haiti Disaster: Deploys emergency response team to provide critical aid to Hurricane Matthew survivors

War Outbreak in Syria: Works to reach over 1 million displaced children and adults in southern Syria

On Going War in Yemen: Helps children in Yemen during volatile armed conflicts

Join us and help support Save the Children  by visiting their website today

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