Intercruises recently completed its first ever operations in Maldives with Residensea and Hapag Lloyd, successfully delivering different types of shore excursions:

  • Himmafushi: Skim over the crystal waters and past numerous islands to reach Himmafushi, one of the few inhabited islands of the 1200 that make up the Maldives. Known for its world famous surfing, diving and Jafana Park, a picturesque beach area, join the native residents and learn about the cultural traditions of a lifestyle far removed from the stylish resorts.
  • Seaplane: Glide through the air aboard a seaplane on a flight path custom designed to provide the most spectacular views – green islands surrounded white sand beaches, divided by a spectrum of blue waters.
  • Resorts: Relax, rejuvenate and indulge yourself in an award winning luxury resort with its own private white-sand beach and exotic reef full of colorful flora and fauna. Alternatively, chill out in a more casual, laid back and quirky resort, with friendly local staff cooking up authentic local cuisine to satisfy anyone’s taste buds.


“Thank you so much – I spoke with passengers and staff regarding yesterday and I can say it was a beautiful day!”  – Hapag Lloyd Cruise Representative



For more information contact Elena Garcia, Regional Manager India & Indian Ocean:

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