Anne Espirito Santo, Operations & Product Supervisor France 

Firstly, and most importantly, how do you pronounce “Le Havre”?  

Ha, good question! Tourists often have problems with the French “h” and “r“, and Le Havre has both letters! My best advice is to come here and hear it for yourself, but if that’s not possible, then I suggest you try to pronounce “Luh Hahv


What do you love most about Le Havre?  

I have many great memories from growing up in Le Havre, such as family picnics between the statues & flowerbeds at St. Roch’s Garden or spending summers with friends at Deauville, a nearby town that is popular with younger guests as it has the only sandy beach in the region.

What I love most though is the city’s effortlessly charismatic atmosphere; narrow pedestrian streets in the St-Vincent district, local shops at the Les Halles market, charming crêperies in the St-François Quarter and the renowned hospitality of the Norman people.


Why are you an expert on this destination?

I was born and raised in Le Havre, and know this city thoroughly, as well as its many local characters, be it the local tour guides, shop owners or characters, such as Thomas Pesquet, a local who’s adored by all here as he’s now stationed on the International Space Station ISS). I know who to contact for everything, whether you want to see the sights, buy local goods or eat at an authentic Normandy restaurant, such as Jean-Luc Tartarin, a Michellin starred, haute French restaurant that is very popular with locals or the La Mére Poulard known for its omelettes.


Your Top 3 Recommendations?

  1.  Le Havre Watching: There’s nothing like deliberately losing yourself in Le Havre’s meandering streets & vast open squares, gazing upon the clashing styles of Gothic, Romanesque and modern architecture.
  2. Local Cuisine:  Let the sea air and the smell of hearty Normandy cooking scintillate your appetite while you walk through the St-François district. Formerly a fishing area, St-Francois now boasts many fantastic restaurants that serve up renowned Normandy fare, such as famous local cheeses, freshly cooked seafood and Calvados (locally produced apple brandy) or the local favorite, Moules-frites (mussles with french fries).
  3. History: A UNESCO World Heritage site, I often find myself enthralled by the city’s infamous WW2 past (the most bombed city in France), particularly in the St-Vincent district, which is bluntly narrated by the juxtaposition of old & modern architecture interlacing throughout Le Havre.


Any new innovative products you would like to share with us?

Founded by François I in 1517, the city is celebrating its 500th birthday this year. To mark the occasion, we have worked closely with the city’s tourism groups to organise the celebrations – festivities include:

  • Art exhibitions coordinated by famous artistic director, Jean Blaise
  • A giant mechanical marionette show by the Royal De Luxe entertainment group
  • A fantastic fireworks display by the Seine river

And much more…Take a look at the video below:

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