Serafin Blazquez, Intercruises Global Port Agency Manager, provides a quick update on Intercruises Port Agency Services, including Dry-Docks, Christenings and developments in the different Intercruises regions.

 How is Intercruises Port Agency in 2017?

Very healthy! We continue to strengthen relationships with our cruise line partners and have diversified our services.

 What is happening with port agency in the different Intercruises regions?

  • Americas: Port agency is being successfully led on the East and West coasts by a very strong team, with Jennifer, Joanne, Kate, Margaret and Tom, and in 2018 we will handle over 1500 calls.
  • Mediterranean & Europe: Very established teams and service, including Jude and Steve in the UK, who are having a very smooth season. In the Mediterranean our focus is customizing and diversifying our service – ships change and so must we. We are lucky to have very strong teams in the Mediterranean – Jordi, Maro and Amaury and their teams in Spain and France & Monaco, Croatia, Marinella in Italy and the guys in Greece – George, Petros & Babis, as well Miki, Manu, Prio and Nohemi based here in Barcelona
  • India & Indian Ocean: We worked closely with clients and our local teams to set up port agency services in The Middle East, with the first calls attended by Manu from Barcelona. We will be looking at the best way of growing the support we can provide in that area and it is very exciting to be involved in this project.
  • Asia-Pacific: At the moment only Vietnam does port agency in this region, with services led by Khoi. During the last year I am very pleased with the progress we have made in terms of working more closely together, especially in terms of how to enhance service and I’m looking forward to continuing this.

 How are our Port Agency services changing?

Just because we are not using VR technology does not mean port agency is not forward thinking! Our teams are driving a change in the way port agency services are perceived through Diversification, Customization & Innovation.

  • DiversificationWe are now an established supplier of Logistics services, able to manage all aspects of a logistics operation, including the warehousing, transportation and customs & brokerage. This logistics capability combined with our cruise industry expertise has led us to becoming a dry-dock specialist and we recently completed two very large dry-docks in Spain and France.
  • Customization– This is all about improving the service delivered to each individual ship – two ships may belong to the same cruise brand, but how we work with them can be totally different and we are customizing our service to better support the needs of each vessel.
  • InnovationThrough working more closely with Pacific World (PW), our sister company, we identified an opportunity to create a new offering, which we are calling “Cruise Special Events”, with a particular focus on ship christenings. Previously we would just handle the agency aspect of the event, but now with the MICE expertise of PW we can offer a comprehensive package – agency services, AV, Entertainment, Staff, Fireworks, etc…basically a one stop shop for christening services. We have handled some of the most high profile christenings in the cruise industry during the last year and with so many vessels on order, this is a specialist service that could be very helpful to many cruise lines.

 Anything else to add?

I am really pleased with the collaboration between our regions and we are improving our services through sharing best practices, especially as cruise lines visit new destinations – for example, perhaps we work with a cruise line in the Mediterranean and then they decide to launch a new itinerary in North America. Our Med team knows the people, ships, service and we can work with our North America colleagues to ensure that this is replicated, making the process of setting up in a new destination much easier for the cruise line.


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