Over 2700 hours of training has now been completed on the Intercruises eLearning Platform (IELP), including the training of 1152 guides and 500 operations staff worldwide. In total there have been more than 3000 course passes. IELP was launched in the fall of 2016 with the initial aim of providing guides worldwide with access to the Intercruises Fundamentals of Guiding training course, but now is now being utilised for training in various other areas, such as:

  • Health & Safety: Incident Reporting, Lift Equipped Vehicles, Wheelchair Procedures, Disability Awareness
  • Operations: Check-In Systems, Customer Service, Season Kick-Off, Shorex Images

Intercruises has full administration control over IELP and uploads custom developed courses in line with the needs of the business and operations, with the option to provide access to an infinite number of trainees and monitor each individual’s progress for every course to which they are invited. The next steps for IELP include new Health & Safety, Sustainability, Product Development and Destination trainings, as well as content being developed in conjunction with various destination authorities and cruise line departments.

For more information on IELP, including the possibility of developing a training course in conjunction with Intercruises, please contact Carmen Morosan: c.morosan@intercruises.com

*Stats correct as of June 26th 2017



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