Safety and security has, and will always be, at the forefront of our priorities. We invest a lot of time and effort to ensure our staff are equipped with the right resources and knowledge in order to maintain best practice across our destinations.

We are pleased to announce that we have recently launched an all-new “Security Awareness” training program – a program which highlights the importance of correctly identifying and responding to a potential threat or act of terrorism. The training also covers how to correctly react and initiate Intercruises’ crisis management plan, in the case on an unforeseen event.

Security Awareness” was launched as a collaborative project between Intercruises’ Health & Safety, and Training & Development Departments, and has already been successfully rolled out across North America.

The training material was developed according to the UK´s National Counter Terrorism Security Office standards and follows GS4 guidelines and ABTA’s recommendations.

 The training covers four areas:

  • Identifying suspicious behavior
  • Identifying suspicious items
  • Responding to a firearms or weapons attack
  • Vehicular terrorism

Intercruises’ Health & Safety Manager, Robert Doma, has also confirmed that the training will continue to be rolled out globally, starting with Northern Europe and the Mediterranean in the next few weeks.

“Preparation, awareness and response are absolutely critical for us. This new training provides our employees with the latest best practices in a comprehensive and effective way. This has been a team effort, and I’d like to thank Rosa Planas (Health & Safety Executive), Chus Martinez (Global Training & Development Manager), Jackie Harris (Training & Devlopment Manager North America) and Ramon Hurtado (Global Product & Operations Manager) for their collaboration and hard work during its development.” – Robert Doma, Health & Safety Manager

For more information on this training program, or for any other enquires regarding health, safety and security, please contact Robert Doma.


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