January 28, 2019

Go Local Tours – Cyprus

We are thrilled to introduce Intercruises’ new Go Local ToursinCyprus-an exclusive collection of authentic experiences that capture the very essence of this Mediterranean island for cruise guests.

To request more information regarding any of the following tours, please contact Intercruises Cyprus.

Tour name: Countryside People & Traditions

First stop of the day will be the Agios Neophytos Monastery, located in the heart of a picturesque valley. Go on to discover a hermit’s carved cave, the ‘Enkleistra’, which displays some of the finest examples of Byzantine frescoes, some of which date back to the 12th Century.

Hop back on the bus and head toward Lemona village, where you’ll visit the family-run Tsangarides Winery. Meet the owner who shares his facinating family story and explains how the wine-making knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation, before heading to the next location to taste some delectable local wines.

Next stop is Kika’s Garden Homemade Food and Produce.  You’ll be enchanted by the warm welcome and tales from Kika’s life, in her authentic courtyard in the village of Kallepia. You’ll also enjoy a local bread-cooking demonstration, learn about marmalade making, and feast on a fantastic organic local brunch that includes a variety of seasonal marmalades, homemade breads and local delicacies.

Tour ends with drop off at the port of call.

Tour name: Taste of Cyprus

The morning kicks off with a visit to the quaint village of Anogyra – once a main destination for carrob growing and famous for its very own traditional sweet ‘Pasteli’ made from carrob syrup. Once in the village, you will visit the Carrob Museum and enjoy a pasteli-making workshop where the owner is glad to share interesting facts and stories about his family-run business. Feast on some delicious homemade yogurt with carrob syrup before departing for your next stop.

The second visit of the day will be at a local vineyard, where you’ll be welcomed by the owner and winemaker. Based on the season, you will explore the vineyard on foot, learn about the art of growing grapes and feel like part of the team in a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making the perfect bottle of wine.

Hop back on the coach and head to Lambouris Winery, for a comprehensive tour of a boutique winery and local wine tasting experience. For over 300 years, the Lambouris family’s long tradition of wine making and their unbroken drive for perfection have made Lambouris Wine an exclusive Cypriot household name.

The last visit of the day is a traditional tavern located in a small picturesque mountain village. The owner and chef will welcome you to their tavern and demonstate how to prepare some basic dishes from Cypriot cuisine such as local salad, tzatziki and koupepia. Following the instructions of the chef, you’ll get to stuff vines with special meat mixture yourself and create neat little packages that will be ready to cook.

Enjoy a traditional Cypriot meze lunch before heading back to the port.

Tour name: Crafts & Gastronomy

The first stop of the day will be in the heart of Larnaca’s old town. Visit the magnificent early 10th Century stone church of Agios Lazaros – one of the most important surviving Byzantine monuments on the island. Enjoy a scenic stroll through the narrow streets while also sampling some of the local gastronomy on offer. Visit a local traditional bakery where you’ll try the authentic Cypriot snack “Koupes“, before enjoying some refreshing homemade lemonade at a local cafe before departing for your next stop.

Next, you’ll head to Vavla village where a professional will share his art and expertise of beekeeping and honey making, while enlightening you with the stories and secrets about his local business. Enjoy some sweet samples of pure honey before heading to your next stop.

Hop back onboard your luxury coach, this time bound for a traditional stone-built house in the centre of Choirokoitia village the home to the Basketry Workshop of Petros Nikolaou. It is here where Petros learned the ancient craft from his grandparents and a place which is now known to be safeguarding this ancient profession. Petros will share his interesting life story while demonstrating the traditional basket weaving craft. You will also enjoy a halloumi cheese made in atalari basket tasting session, which is served together with village bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, bio eggs, and warm fresh anari cheese.

Tour ends with drop off at the port of call.

Tour name: Cyprus Rural & Agriculture Heritage

Your first stop will be the Hadjigiorkis Flour Mill – a market leader in the production and distribution of flour, as well as other bakery and confectionery raw materials. The family-run company was founded in 1945 and offers guests the opportunity to meet the owners and workers of the mill, learn about the Hadjigiorki family history and explore the revolution of the milling process over the years. During your visit, you will also have the chance to try and make your own boule of bread to take back home with you!

Hop back onboard the coach and head to Athienou village located close to Larnaca town, which dates back to the Neolithic period. When touring the village, one can appreciate that the village has maintained it traditional “mesaoritiko” character. The Mayor of the village will welcome you and speak about village life as well as answer any questions you may have. You will then visit a traditional coffee shop and enjoy typical Cypriot coffee prepared in small pot called a “mbriki,” heated in a tray filled with hot sand. The village tour will continue with your visit to the family home of Monk Kallinikos Stavrovouniotis,built at the end of 19th Century and only recently restored. It consists of the house, inner courtyard and the creamery. In the creamery, you’ll find out how the famous Cypriot cheeses, halloumi and anari, are produced by the local artisans followed by a tasting session. Next, a priest will welcome you to the local church and will host an open discussion abouut the Orthodox religion, while the church cantor amazes you with his Byzantine hymns.

Enjoy lunch in a traditional tavern before heading back to the port.

For more information regarding any of the tours listed above, or to discover more of what Intercruises has to offer in Cyprus, please contact Intercruises Cyprus.

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