Contact Directory

Please find a list of Intercruises personnel below:

Global Contacts:

Global Product & Operations Manager: Ramon Hurtado

Global Turnarounds Manager: Wen Ciu Lee

Global Shore Excursions Manager: Carmen Morosan

Global Port Agency Manager: Serafin Blazquez

Hotel Programs Manager: Eva Casado

Health & Safety Manager: Robert Doma

Marketing & Communications Manager: Steve Denton


VP Operations: Alex Anderson

VP Operations NY : Margaret Zacharis 

Asia – Pacific

Director Asia: Isaac Vidales

Product Manager Asia: Errol James Chicano

Operations Manager Asia: Julieanne Yee 

Director Australia: Martin Bidgood

Shore Excursion Manager Australia: James Coughlan

Turnaround Services Manager Australia: Susan Yates

India & Indian Ocean:

Regional Manager India & Indian Ocean: Elena Garcia

Mediterranean & Europe:

Director Mediterranean: Virginia Quintairos

Director Northern Europe: Simon O’Sullivan

Product & Operations Manager Mediterranean: Deborah Vega

Manager The Netherlands & Belgium: Kim Donkers

Manager Nordic Countries & Baltic Sea: Bo Madsen

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